Quantum VF/VI/HF/HI


  • Low cost CCM test system
  • Basic test items - OS, Current, Focus(near/far), Image
  • Additional test(VF,HF) - Focus adjustment
  • Target device - FF/AF Module
  • 1socket / Manual loading&Unloading
  • Compact size: All tests are available in a single compact tester.
  • Both FF and AF modules are testable.
  • Horizontal / Vertical focus test with both near and far field charts
  • Efficient human resources management: 4 units of tester can be operated by one worker.


Basic test items OS, Current, Focus(Far/Macro), Image
Additional test (VF,HF) Focus adjustment
Optional test item AF actuator inspection with a precision laser
(up to 3um)
Target device FF/AF Module
Support Resolution Up to 20M pixel sensor
Configuration for Test 1 Collimator lens, 2 LED BLUs, 1 LED illuminator
Socket /Loading method 1 Socket / Manual
Chart align Automatic
Control PC I7 Quad Core, 8G Byte Memory , Window 7, 64bit
Power AC220V, 50/60Hz 10A, 2.2kW, 1 Phase
Item Quantum_VF Quantum_VI Quantum_HF Quantum-HI
Test direction Vertical Horizontal
Focus adjustment O X O X
for Motion
7Axis motion,
1 Vision,
1 Laser
6Axis motion 6Axis motion,
1 Vision,
1 Laser
5Axis motion
Dimension W370xD850xH1340(mm) W375xD900xH1580(mm)
Weight 153kg 193kg




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