• Automatic Reel In-Line Packing System
  • Function : Packing
  • Target device : Reel module
  • Module L/UL method : JIn-Line (Conveyor)/li>


System name Automatic Reel In-Line Packing System
All 5Unit Coupling Capability Max. 1.2 boxes/min
Dimension W6,280 x D2,335 x H2355mm
Weight 5,170kg
Control PC I7 Quad Core, 16G Byte Memory, Window 10, 64bit
Air Supply 5~7kg/㎠
Power AC220V, 50/60Hz, 1 Phase, 30A
Out Box Size W295 x D280 x H320mm
Inner Box Size W292 x D262 x H40mm
Folding Out Box Tape Dispenser 3 Rollers, Width 50~75mm
Out Box Capacity Max. 20 box / min
Inner Box Stacker Inner Capacity Max. 2set / min(6ea/set)
Inner Box Magazine Dual
Main Unit Out Box Capacity Max. 1.2 box / min
Label Printer T5206r(Printronix) / Rewinder & Peeler Option is including
Out Box Theta & Up/Down Theta is by DG Motor & Up/Down is by elextric cylinder
Box Closing System Out Box Capacity Max. 18 Box / min
Roller, Shaft & Belt Prevention of static electricity
Box Dispenser Dispenser Method Linear motion with timing belt & LM Gudie
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